Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Command to Love Thy Neighbor



Wheaton College, 12-4-02

Of Note: Bono was certainly onto something with his belief that Jesus was demanding his followers to love. Not many think of Jesus as a commander, but He was indeed--a commander of troops to bring the world into the new age of enlightenment. The formula was and continues to be simple--Love. Humans are hardwired to be love, it is in our DNA. If followed, the command to Love allows us to become who we are. We get in the way of our divine destiny through separatism and selfishness that comes in many forms, some masquerading as altruism or short-sighted political necessity. For example, Thurow and Kilman in Enough: Why the Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty cited a study that showed under the European Dairy subsidies, a cow receives support amounting to $2.20 per day or $800 per year. This was more than the annual income of half the world's population. The Supreme Commander said: Love. We will know we have stepped up to the plate when people worldwide have enough to eat and statistics like this are part of history books.

Today's Weather Report: It was cool this morning and continues so with a very strong wind blowing sporadically. This feels like March weather with a storm brewing--but my husband assured me at breakfast that no rain was in sight. The barn is getting its last coat of paint today. This is one of the last summer projects. Only two replacement doors to go and we will be done. Amazingly, even though there is a large gap under the turret door where I pulled out loads of rotting wood, no rain has come in during all the numerous storms we've had. It will be nice to get that secured for winter, however. Maybe early next week. The dogs are shedding badly so their bodies sense a change in the seasons as well.