Monday, August 2, 2010

Housekeeping in a Dream

If we look into our lives,
we will see clearly how many
unimportant tasks,
so-called 'responsibilities'
accumulate to fill them up.

One master compares them
to 'housekeeping in a dream.'

~Sogyal Rinpoche
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Of Note: The other day a vision came to me in that period between sleeping and waking in the morning. I, the Soul, had been creating the next day during the night and now upon awaking was animating the Personality to enter the ongoing 4-D "movie" (otherwise known as life) with the prepared script. This entering was quite vivid and a conscious choice. A jumping in with the Mind. The Personality in the movie felt it differently, of course, like the movie was the real, but it was quite clear from the revelation that daily life was simply a fabrication, albeit with a purpose. It was the purpose that was all important not the mundane activities with which we fill the day.

Today's Weather Report: Drippy outside, dark inside. Not rain exactly, just moisture that is keeping the rocks wet. The temperature is lovely, the humidity dreadful. Just another day in northern Wisconsin circa summer 2010. Yesterday afternoon while trekking to the barn to paint, I came upon the carcass of an animal that had been eaten by a predator of some sort. It appeared to be a fox, but upon closer inspection was a yellow cat. One of our five most likely although it was hard to tell because not much was left. Upon hearing the story, my husband reported that his large yellow cat had been missing for two days. Guess we know now. That might also explain why the other four have been sticking close to home the last several days.