Monday, August 30, 2010

The Common Depth of Life

Below the wave crests of consciousness,
there is an unfathomable, common depth
of life from which all spirits draw the
springs of their being.

~The Upanishads

Of Note: It is predicted that in the future one faith will spring forth from the myriad of religions blanketing the planet. On the horizon may be the first rays of such a change. TIME magazine announced that this fall the Claremont School of Theology in California "will commence a first on US soil: a theological university that will train future pastors, imams and rabbis under one roof." The United Methodist Church, which funds the school, was not happy about the change and threatened to withhold funding. However, after extensive campaigning by school officials, the church relented. Currently, there are no accredited imam training schools in the United States; this would be the first. For that, Claremont has to gain the endorsement of Egypt's Al-Azhar University, the world's leading Sunni institution. Also on the docket is the need to find Buddhist and Hindu partners. The visionary Rev. Jerry Campbell, Claremont's president, believes that it will take at least 10 years before this project is fully functional. He believes it will be worth the wait. Enrollment is already up 10%.

Today's Weather Report: It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity. Enough said. No one moved very much. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, and the temps will drop into the 70's. Yeah-o. The mosquitoes are merciless the past couple of weeks. All day. Used to be, the little buggers only came out after 9 PM. With all the rain, they are now on round the clock duty to find a blood source. This is the first summer that the screen doors have actually been closed most of the time. The dogs have even respected the barrier. Nothing likes mosquitoes.