Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where You Stand

You cannot run away from weakness;
You must sometimes fight or perish.
And if that be so, why not now,
and where you stand?

~Robert Louis Stevenson

Of Note: To stand with ourselves in the face of weakness can be a scary prospect. Because of that, often we find others to stand with who have the same weakness so ours is not so glaringly obvious. We can even get uppity that the character "pimple" is somehow a strength. That, however, may be the first sign that the weakness has gotten the better of us. What to do with some faulty attribute that has gotten very comfortable in our being? Simply ask a new higher way of being to move in and take its place. After all, Love and its transformative companion Light are always happy to set up shop when invited in.

Today's Weather Report: This was a perfect French Apply Pie making day because the cold rain made outdoor activities challenging if not impossible--at least the ones I had on my list. Two apple pies were the product of having to stay indoors in the warmth of the house. Jim ran for an hour and a half preparing for the marathon on Saturday but came in cold, drenched and fairly miserable. For a while today, the forecast for Saturday included the first snow of the season but by afternoon it had been changed to simply overcast skies. Our family from Chicago who will be fishing here will appreciate that also.

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