Saturday, October 10, 2009

The First Day in This Body

So far as past error are concerned,
forget them and start afresh,
as if it was your first day in this body.

But so far as your present contacts
are concerned, be kind to them,
as if it were the last day in this body.

~Paul Branton

Of Note: Using the creative imagination by pretending "As If" is one of the most potent psychological tools available to humanity. It sounds too easy, doesn't it? But if we make a change using the "As If" technique and do it for 28 days in a row, most any habit will be changed for good.

Today's Weather Report: Even though it was unseasonably warm last week, this morning brought the first snow showers with 10 - 15 mph winds at 29 degrees. I noted all of this because Jim was running a marathon under those conditions today. The guys at our house from Chicago say it is brutal outside so the two younger men went up to Ashland to see if Jim needed a ride home. My husband is tough--his favorite runs are in the winter through the snow. He has even run at 30 below just to say he's done it. But his usual run is six miles a day--running 26 miles today without the appropriate attire may be a different story. We will know in a few hours. (Just in: a friend called from Ashland and said the winds are 35 mph, and he could hardly walk upright. He has no idea how anyone could run a marathon today. Sure glad the two young men went to get Jim.)

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