Thursday, October 22, 2009

All is Energy

Much of the true revelations since the time of the Christ
has come to the world along the line of science.

The presentation, for instance, of material substance
as essentially only a form of energy was as great
a revelation as any given by the Christ or the Buddha.

Who shall say that the statement "God is Love" is
of more value than the statement "All is Energy"?

~A. A. Bailey

Of Note: As we speak, a brave group of scientists is bringing to the world the idea that the universe is electrical in nature--meaning positive and negative energies shape what we see. That might not sound like earth-shattering news but mainstream science postulates that the space is not influenced by electrical charge. To make up for phenomenon that can't be explained by a non-electrical model, the Big Bang, Black Holes and the like are mathematically invented and then accepted by astrophysicists around the globe. Soon, hypotheses are seeping into the lay media as incontrovertible truth when in actuality nothing has been proven. On the other hand, when electrical engineers and plasma physicists see photos beamed from the Hubble telescope, they say to themselves, "We've seen this same thing in our lab, it looks just like Birkeland currents" or whatever. Their explanations are straightforward and based on proven physical laws. Many predict that within the next 5 to 10 years the evidence will be so overwhelming that the electric universe model will be the accepted standard. This knowledge will accelerate the understanding that all beings are electrically One without beginning or end. As above, so below. Check out for more information on this fascinating subject.

Today's Weather Report: It's in the thirties today, just a little above freezing. The rain has stopped but the clouds persist. Nothing could be done for the flat little roof on the Taj Mahal; so, a professional will be called in to fix the problem. Without a question, when it is raining as much inside as out, the time has come. I don't usually mention sports, but a momentous day is coming up on November 1st: for the first time ever, all four professional leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB) will be playing games on the same day. If you or someone you love is interested, check out for more such tidbits.

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