Saturday, October 31, 2009

Investing Your Humanity

A little friendship, a little sympathy,
a little sociability, a little human toil
is needed in every nook and corner.

Therefore, search and see if there is not some
place where you may invest your humanity.

~Albert Schweitzer

Of Note: Just think, if everyone served as Dr. Schweitzer suggested, the world would change overnight. No one would be out too much because implementing his suggestions is basically free. What really stymies us is inertia and the hopeless feeling that one person can't make a significant difference. Thing is, we might just have to get over looking for immediate results. The emanations of love spread through service are invisible and long lasting--having faith in that concept would free us to joyfully give and leave the results to take care of themselves.

Today's Weather Report: Yesterday it was in the 50's Fahrenheit but chilly because it was damp. Today it is just plain chilly because the temperature dropped to the low 30's. On the way into town, it started to snow--or maybe that was sleet. Whatever it was, it thankfully stopped within a few minutes because I did not relish driving on potentially slippery roads. Good news! The old 1937 dump truck parked in our pole barn was fixed today by the local implement mechanic and should be running after the battery is charged. Its conversion from a 6 to a 12 volt electrical system was stymied two years ago when the repairman at the time moved out of town. The dump truck was great for hauling things around, and we've missed having it running.

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