Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reach High

Reach high, for stars
lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every
dream precedes the goal.

~ Pamella Vaull Starr

Of Note: I have a special affinity for and post a link to it on the right. Under six different categories, a person is able to donate to the specific cause for FREE just by clicking in the brightly colored box on each of the six pages. Just think, with one click we can impact hunger in the world, or breast cancer detection, or rain forest devastation, or literacy, or animal welfare. Plus, the site is full of information about the initiatives--but only asks for the click. Want to start one of those 28 day habits mentioned here so many times? This is a simple and easy one with which to begin.

Today's Weather Report: Although drippy because of the heavy rain yesterday, the sun was out today and a jacket was unnecessary--meaning it was about 40 or so, though I never officially looked. We were busy readying the place for a special guest--Jim's chemistry teacher from high school, who just happens to be a nun. What a delightful visit we've had since her arrival at 3 pm. Interestingly, she is the influence behind his decision to pursue an undergraduate engineering degree--a story she heard for the first time tonight. We all shook our heads in amazement at the influence people can have on others without even knowing it.

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