Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sacrifice as the Best Possible Business Policy

Sacrifice is the very door to affluence.
It is by giving that we receive.
Self-sacrifice is, therefore, not a duty,
but the best possible business policy.

~Dr. A. S. Raleigh
Science of Motion and Number

Of Note: Dr. Raleigh has a good point. If we accepted his thought, gone would be the previous concept of sacrifice as dry and dreary. You know, the self-flagration stuff. Instead, sacrifice would come to mean a joyful giving--the ultimate act of love.

Today's Weather Report: Clouds welcomed us this morning but the sun peeked out later in the day. Around noon it was 39 degrees Fahrenheit, but it probably got into the low 40's before the sun went down. It is getting dark early now, starting at about 6:30 pm. Before the winter solstice in December, it will be dark by 4:30 pm. No kidding. That contrasts with the summer when we have light until almost 10:00 pm. Winter hibernation has real meaning both for humans and animals in the far northwoods of Wisconsin!

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