Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Sharp Shears of Sorrow

The sharp shears of sorrow must
separate the Real from the unreal.
The lash of pain must awaken
the soul to exquisite life.
The wrenching away of the roots
of life from the soil of selfish
desire must be undergone.

And then man stands free.

~Old Commentary

Of Note: I would say this statement is right to the point. The Old Commentary is like that. Written before recorded history, it has stayed alive in other layers of reality to be read when the need arises. There has never been a need like the one presented today. One by one souls, long dormant, are awakening to Life. Why? Certainly not for that soul's advantage but rather for the salvation of humanity from its own "selfish desire." Selfish desire is fine during the early stage in a soul's evolution--but stagnation there is death. Onward and upward is the only way forward.

Today's Weather Report: Sunny, oh so sunny. The second day of fall will be warm which will allow me to get a few things done outside before company arrives for the weekend. Yesterday, the first day of fall was rainy, off and on. The leaves are changing color brilliantly this year. I had always thought the leaves changed because of the colder temperatures. Apparently, this is not so since the temps have been in the 60's and 70's Fahrenheit for weeks now. My husband commented that it must be the length of the daylight instead. During the summer it gets dark around 9:30 pm but a dim light can sometimes still be seen at 10:00 pm. Now by 8:00 pm the sun has disappeared behind the horizon.

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