Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Freshman Class of 2027

When members of the freshman class of 2027 look back
at our future, what's likely to surprise them most?

Will they marvel that gays were once not allowed to marry--
or that they ever were?

That we waited while the planet warmed,
or that we acted to save it?

That we protected the poor,
or ignored them?

That we lived within our means,
or beyond them?

We'll make our choices one day at a time,
but our kids will judge our generation
for what we generate,
and what we leave undone.

~Nancy Gibbs
TIME magazine

Of Note: This week the United Nations is conducting a series of potentially life-shifting meetings--one at which President Obama will speak. On Monday he flew to New York to attend an important climate change summit during which he will also sit down with Middle East leaders Abbas and Netanyahu as well as the new Japanese prime minister and Russian President Medvedev. Wednesday is the day of the President's much anticipated speech to the General Assembly. On Thursday he will be the first United States President to run a summit-level meeting of the Security Council to begin the process of hammering out a new nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament agreement. To round out an already busy week, the energy-filled man will then fly to Pittsburgh for the two-day G-20 summit. The whole world is watching the President to see if he is a true leader, defined as someone that moves people to do what they need to do. Expectations for concrete action will be high.

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