Monday, September 28, 2009

Continuity of Life

If there is neither transmutation
or continuity in the process of being,
then how can one explain
the life of the Universe?

~Master Morya

Of Note: The main place Humanity has gone astray is discounting the existence of Life outside of its tiny realm of perception. Thus, the visible counts, the invisible does not. Some scientific thinkers are currently in the process of ameliorating this problem, but many are enmeshed in the old way of thinking and continue to block the way. Acceptance of death and an understanding of how it fits into the whole picture of Life will constitute the ultimate evidence of change. When fear of death is no more, then we will know Humanity has passed the test.

Today's Weather Report: Today's big announcement--fall is here! It arrived late yesterday when winds swept through the area and brought a weak cold front and rain. The outside work we were doing came to a halt because painting is impossible at 40 or 50 degrees. In recognition of the change, all five cats are curled up in various piles around the house rather than cavorting outside. Aren't the pink lupines in this photo gorgeous? The deer ate all mine again this year. A tiny pink one bloomed for the first time but was gone by the next morning. Mowed to the ground. A friend finally asked why I wasn't using Liquid Fence. Didn't really know, so I tried it. For those who don't know about this product, putrefied eggs are the first ingredient. Pee-yoo. But it worked miracles--so, I will get used to the rotten smell for the glory of beautiful flowers everywhere. BTW, the horrific smell dissipates when it dries but it takes courage and determination to get it on the plants, let me tell you.

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