Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Descending into Ourselves

Suffering requires us to
descend into ourselves.

As there is no other way out,
we are obliged to call on the
power of soul and spirit.

When we succeed in doing
instead of groaning and
out in rebellion, we
exhale a delicate perfume.

~O. M. Aivanhov

Of Note: Suffering is such a gift from the universe. Just think, without it, we would never know the heights of joy, which is the natural state of our soul. The truism "no pain, no gain" is of ancient origin and speaks of humanity's place in the evolutionary scheme of things. When we accept pain with joy and learn whatever lesson is presented, our own movement forward speeds up commensurately. What's more, our resulting sweet-smelling emanations enhance the whole environment.

Today's Weather Report: The day started off at 30 degrees. With that sub-freezing temp, the tomato plants bit the dust sometime in the night. Before the day was through, though, it rose into the 60's--just enough to finish the last touches of paint on the Taj Mahal this season. The complete paint job will have to wait until next spring, but this gave us a good start on the project. The streptocarpus plant pictured above is blooming prolifically. This is a very strange plant in that it must be watered from the bottom like an African violet and prefers dry soil. This is actually the baby from the original plant, which I killed by watering too much and from the top. I cherish its beauty because the original was given to me for Mother's Day many years ago by my daughter.

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