Friday, September 25, 2009

Battle with Space andTime

And love will simply have no choice
but to go into battle with space and time,
and furthermore to win.

~James Baldwin

Of Note: Many folks are gearing up to events which are supposed to take place in 2012. The date has really captured the imagination of the public, who are expectantly waiting--though for what, they do not know. During such times in the past, on-lookers have been swept away in the tide, leaving the active to survive the tumult. So what will it be? On-looker in the stands or active survivor in the battlefield?

Today's Weather Report: Yesterday the temperature rose to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Can't say I remember such a balmy day in later September. All the final chores are getting done in preparation for the coming winter....and a few more because of the clear, warm weather. My husband is painting his hunting tree house and knows he has only a few days left before it will be too cold to continue. Last fall this time I was spray painting the new snow plow truck, but had to stop because of the cold. That job was just completed a few weeks ago and now the plow is ready to roll.

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