Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Inevitability, Only Possibility

History is not made by quietism
but by the historic achievement
of those who seek perfection.

Those who are self-conceited
lose the bliss of searching.
And the self-conceited are
condemned to sterility.

There is no inevitability,
there is only possibility.

~Helena Roerich

Of Note: All of us are self-conceited--even if we think we aren't. Self-conceited in this passage means self-involved in family, community and our busy lives in general. Often we give a few minutes to the spiritual side of life and forget about it the rest of the time. Ancient wisdom teaches that earthly existence is death and spiritual living is true Life. Accepting that concept as reality, we would inevitably reach our minds to the stars. In doing so, we would stand along side the Christ in bringing salvation to the world. Even now, He is gathering minds for that eventuality, that future perfection.

Today's Weather Report: It looks like rain as the clouds are dark and low. Even at temps in the 60's Fahrenheit, the air is chilly....so much so that socks were a necessity this morning. I finished the garden over our dog's grave, and it looks sparse as all new gardens do. By next year at this time, it will have filled out. I did plant a couple of pumpkin plants that over the course of the summer will take over the area. When that occurs, I'll post a picture. Seasons are short here in northern Wisconsin for pumpkin growing, but sometimes all the stars line up for a good pumpkin harvest.

Watch For Change Snippet: Our new President must know that perfection is ultimately created in action not passivity. He is certainly taking the nation on a new path--amazingly, it is letting him have this space. The financial meltdown seems to have put a damper on people's fighting mood which was so prevalent during the elections. It was like a great release went forth prior to November 4th, and now we are taking a much needed mental break from belligerence.

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