Sunday, June 7, 2009

Selecting the Greater

From two kinds of evil
select the lesser.
From two kinds of good
select the greater.

~H. Roerich

Of Note: As our consciousness evolves, we are no longer confronted with simple black and white decisions. The tests become more difficult. In front of us are two doors, each with a good behind it. Or the opposite. Which to choose? The guiding principle above could help in that time of uncertainty. After having made a few of these dicier decisions, we understand that others are confronted with the same situation. Judging others becomes much more difficult and our compassion grows. Until it fills us. And on up the ladder of evolution we climb in this most difficult school called Earth. (We might also keep this in mind when watching world leaders grapple with the many "opportunities" presented daily.)

Today's Weather Report: Can you believe since last blogging a few weeks back it is still chilly every morning? Around 34 degrees. A few mornings it has been below freezing. For some reason (probably hope not based on reality,) I put tomato and pumpkin plants out on a warmer day, forgot to cover them, and they bit the dust. So, newly purchased plants now sit inside waiting for the cold to pass. If it passes. During past chilly summers, I've worn shorts only once or twice. Hopefully, this will not be one of those. If that occurs, I might as well plant the tomatoes in pots in the house and send the pumpkin plants back to Illinois with my grandkids when they visit next week. We finally got rain starting last evening and continuing through today. Maybe even tomorrow. Rain is badly needed as this is our fourth year of drought. The dock sits askew with no water underneath. Mind you, the lake still has lots of water--it is just not near the old shoreline.

Watch For Change Snippet: Today is Great Invocation Day. The day the Christ pours out his blessings over all the world. The Great Invocation is a request or even a gentle demand that light, love and power pour forth upon the Earth, sealing the door where evil dwells. The Christ hearing this demand sends his love and light daily, but today propels an extra boost of power. With His inevitable backing and our continued striving, we are guaranteed construction following destruction. Signs of new growth can be seen already like teeny blades of grass sprouting through the scorched crust. We hope some day to have a verdant carpet.

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