Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lighter than a Feather

By united effort, let us raise
the very heavy burden.
The raising of this burden is
difficult only at the beginning.

Once it is raised off the earth,
it become lighter than a feather.

~H. Roerich

Of Note: Our destiny is to someday leave this earth and all its travails behind. But this guarantee is only in place if we learn group cooperation and tolerance in an atmosphere of loving understanding. According to an astute Teacher, peace will be the interim outcome but nothing can prepare us for the final revelation when a united man stands heart to heart and mind to mind. It has been called the "peace that passes understanding." The radiance will be blinding. Every effort to raise our brother's burden gets us one step closer. What are we waiting for?

Today's Weather Report: Who knew that this morning we'd be at 39 degrees Fahrenheit again? It's now 50 but chilly somehow. For some unknown reason 50 degrees can be either t-shirt or sweater weather. Today it is the latter. The flowers continue to smile because of the rain yesterday, which freshened everything up. But the lake continues to be way down, like last year. I can't imagine what could bring it up to its old normal except a deluge of some sort for days on end.

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