Sunday, May 24, 2009

True Wealth

True wealth is not measured in
money or status or power.
It is measured in the legacy
we leave behind for those
we love and those we inspire.

~Cesar Chavez

Of Note: If our children were educated about "true wealth" from day one, the world would change quickly. Started at home, this education would commence with an inclusive definition of "those we love." Presently, the love of an individual might extend to family members, maybe the community and workplace. If done right, future generations will consider all humans as family and all beings as part of the community.

Today's Weather Report: A lovely day with the sun shining and little wind, though it was freezing again the pre-dawn. The newspaper officially announced the 4th year of drought which explains our lake being low. This may be just how it is for some time. Those who used to fish from the dock will not have much luck this year, unless they can catch fish in a foot or less of water. The lilypads are loving it, however.

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