Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fusion of Many Minds

The fusion of many minds into one directed
activity is today of supreme importance.
Unity of directed thought and purpose is the
guarantee of inevitable and future success.

The power of massed thought is omnipotent.

~A. A. Bailey

Of Note: With the election of the President, we can easily see that massed intention can make a difference on the physical plane. What we might not have considered is the potential power of massed intent on the mental plane. This is where the meditation comes in. Mindfulness meditation, so popular now in the west, touches the physical plane and brings relaxation or other benefits to the meditator. That is certainly a step in the right direction as a person attains balance and internal peace. However, ever higher and higher meditative practices are available. Universal-mind meditation, which fuses the minds of the participants on the mental plane into one whole, could change the world. It is my belief that some day it most assuredly will.

Today's Weather Report: Even if it's in the teens, with the sun out, who cares? We've had so few sunny days lately, every one we do presents a welcomed sight. The stomach flu at the Schirott's lingers. It could depart at any time as it's been an unwelcome guest in our house for a week. Maybe tomorrow it will finally slink out the door.

Watch For Change Snippet: Kenyans are justifiably proud of their "native son" who became 44th President of the United States. However, many in America would say "He's not FROM Kenya, he's an American"--implying he's ours, not yours. That's apparently not what Kenyans believe. In fact, many Kenyans, even those from opposing tribes, have taken to adding an "O" in front of their names, indicating they are from the Luo tribe, as was Obama's father. A detente may be in the making between Kenya's historically confrontational tribes, who just last year tore the country apart over questionable election results. A member of the Luo tribe living in Jersey City said of the matter: "Everybody wants to be his tribe now, even those fighting his tribe. The Luos lost the presidency in Kenya, but they got the presidency of the U. S. so it's like a compensation; he's brought tribal reconciliation." Hey, we are glad to be of global service and this time without even raising a weapon.

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