Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Forgetting Ourselves

To forget how to dig the earth and
tend the soil is to forget ourselves.


Of Note: We know wise men by their writing. Sages write succinctly and every word carries profound meaning. Likewise, when I read Ageless Wisdom, it can take an hour to read a page. What I've discovered--if knowledge goes in without moving my brain cells, then I should move on to something that does. Why is that? Time is short, and our responsibility is great.

Today's Weather Report: Another gorgeous day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. However, the weatherman predicts that most mornings will be below zero through March. So much for my belief that these extreme temps were behind us. The cats feel a difference outside--though, it must be the sun's angle rather than the temperature. Several of them have taken to frolicking in the crusty snow and falling through unexpectedly now and then. It's a real spectacle to watch. Marie photographed these two "farmers" at her local nursery last fall. Believe it or not, she sent me shots of her first blooming flowers yesterday. What a difference a 1200 miles can make!

News You Can Use Snippet: Researchers have found that a male and female mosquito synchronize their wing beats and harmonize their buzzing in a mating ritual. If the male can't keep up with her song, she finds another male mosquito who can. This sounds awfully familiar to human mating habits. Some things never change, do they?

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