Monday, February 23, 2009

Personality Pimples

Everything that irritates us about others
can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

~Carl Jung

Of Note: Carl Jung was a very wise man. He was describing what I call the mirroring effect. It is truly the most perfect way to find our own faults. Many of us don't want to see those personality pimples. But the satisfaction that comes from popping them, can bring relief--just like with the real thing.

Today's Weather Report: It was a bright, sunshiny day that started at 10 below and rose to the 20's by late afternoon. Not sure exactly what is predicted for the rest of the week--but if other years are any indication, these below zero days should be well behind us. Marie took this amazing shot of two resting turkey buzzards on a walk recently. If anyone has never seen these birds, let me tell you they are HUGE and take care of carrion along the road. Up here in northern Wisconsin, they can vie for roadkill with Bald Eagles, another large bird. Sometimes from a distance, both animals can look the same though closer inspection, of course, shows what's what.

News You Can Use Snippet: We have all heard the simple truism that laughter is the best medicine. Research has shown that laughter indeed aids health by shutting of four different stress hormones while triggering happiness-making endorphins. It came as a surprise that fake laughter has the same effect since the body does not know or care whether we are really amused or not. So go ahead, laugh right our loud at the fact that the body is so easily fooled--your day will be better for it!

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