Saturday, February 14, 2009

Each Others Bond


~Gwendolyn Brooks

Of Note: Wonder if we were literally each others bond? Today being Valentine's Day, it's a good day to contemplate love as a bonding agent. Kind of like superglue. Compassion, mercy and the like work too. Come to find out, all of these emotions release chemicals in us that promote bonding and make us feel good. It's part of our DNA. Thus, we are hardwired to bond. I would guess that anything that gets in the way of that chemical reaction would cause illness, pain or both. So, my recommendation on this day of love? Let's get back to our natural state of love--it is obviously the path of least resistance.

Today's Weather Report: The sun was out earlier, but soon went behind snow-filled clouds. Now a very light snow is falling. At 12 degrees, these fine flakes are to be expected. Jim and I have been ailing with a nasty stomach flu all week, thus no blog until today. It was the first day this week that sitting for an hour at the computer was even feasible. Jim's Mom turned 90 this week. What change she has seen during her long lifetime! Marie took this shot of the moon and its companion Venus recently. Thanks so much for sharing!

News You Can Use Snippet: Could it be possible that the seat of the self-consciousness is in the heart? One of the Tibetan Masters said as much in his tome Heart. If taken literally, that piece of information could revolutionize scientific thought on the subject, which puts the seat of self-consciousness in the head....along with the brain. When you think about it, though, there is really no reason that self-consciousness must "reside" in the brain. Could be that the brain, shared with all animals, would be a bad place to seat the self-consciousness of humanity. Maybe that is the reason that those who exclusively use their brain to the exclusion of the heart can run into trouble. We have only to look as far as the current financial mess to confirm the concept of overused animal-brain, little used human-heart. It give the phrase "getting to the heart of the matter" new meaning, doesn't it?

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