Friday, February 27, 2009

Doing a Little Each Day

However much concerned I was
at the problem of misery in the world,
I never let myself get lost in brooding over it.

I always held firmly to the thought that
each of us can do a little to bring
some portion of it to an end.

~Albert Schweitzer

Of Note: If you look out your window at this very moment, you will see Venus cradled in the arms of the 10% moon. Of course, the eyes will see each of these more clearly and revel at the sight. Apparently, this particular configuration happens but rarely--so don't miss it tonight!

Today's Weather Report: It is cold on my birthday today, near zero most of the day with a wicked wind. Tonight it is going to be 15 or 20 below zero again. My husband, who has faithfully filled the wood burning outside boiler, says, "Enough already!"

Watch For Change Snippet: The Bushes have now settled into their new Dallas home. They've been almost forgotten over the last month as our new President and family have taken up residence in the White House. Exactly one year ago today, I began a time capsule of Bush memorabilia to be opened 25 years hence--in 2033 to be exact. All year I placed items pertaining to the Bush legacy and am officially closing it today with an article about the big Bush move last weekend sent from my Mom, who lives in the Dallas area. It was my prediction last year that the former President's legacy will be positive in the end. Even though the financial situation worsened between February 27, 2008 and now, I haven't wavered from that belief. Many think I'm a bit daft. Guess we will see.

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