Friday, April 18, 2008

Symbolic Earthquake

When the spirit develops in the direction of Infinity, then the feeling of
responsibility acquires the power manifested by the Creators of the Cosmos.
Begin to realize personal responsibility and strive toward cosmic responsibility.

There is the step of personal responsibility, the step of responsibility for human thought,
the step of responsibility for human evolution, the step of responsibility for a better future.

When thinking will be perfected, it will be possible to say
that the time of construction of a better future is near.

M. Morya, Infinity I, #73

A month ago I wondered why the Pope was coming to the United States; now, I wonder what took him so long. In the intervening month, the clear vision of the Pope as a bearer of healing energy to the United States, particularly in conjunction with that of the Dalai Lama, completely transformed my view.

The Washington Post highlighted the Pope's uplifting message the the United States people by saying:
"With a moving message of hope and healing during his historic visit to this city, Pope Benedict XVI opted to speak not only to the Catholics who claim him as their spiritual leader. He spoke to all Americans. His words were a positive reminder of our national character and its potential to do great good; they should serve as a challenge that we hope will outlast the memories of his visit."
And that remark only climaxed the second full day of his visit when making the rounds in Washington DC where thousands lined the streets and 45,000 filled the new Nationals Park.

Between engagements yesterday, a most extraordinary event occurred. The fearless Pope met with a group of tearful victims of the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the Church in the United States since 2000, costing it upward of $2 billion dollars in settlements. First, the small group talked and prayed together then Pope Benedict met with each individually. Most went away from the meeting weeping.

Although we do not know what was said to those aggrieved victims, just this week for the first time, the Pope had publicly revealed his deep personal shame over the sexual abuse itself and how it was subsequently handled. As a matter of fact, at a meeting with his bishops the day before, His Holiness chided them for poorly handling the situation. He didn't leave it at that but went on to say that it was their "God-given duty to heal the wounds of the abused."

A monsignor this morning on Fox News sniffed that the bishops needed no papal advise; they had already been on this since 1992 and had apologized to many of the victims. It would have been better if this cleric hadn't added that little piece of information because it only highlighted the bishop's abysmal failure to contain the mess that has now bankrupted at least four diocese and left thousands, yes thousands, of victims in its wake. I'm sure it was that very failure to which the Pope was addressing.

By the time Pope Benedict got the New York, his energetic effect was unmistakable. Just this morning he addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations, only the third time for a pope, and said that respect for human rights was the key to solving many of the world's problem: "The promotion of human rights remains the most effective strategy for eliminating inequalities between countries and social groups, and increasing security."

Could this be a push by His Holiness to ask members of the UN to return to the roots of its august charter, which may have been all but forgotten since its inception 60 years ago? Such a move by this esteemed assemblage would require a solid and quite literal acceptance of responsibility for all humanity--one by one, group by group, nation by nation--an apparently foreign concept at this time. The Pope obviously envisions a future of such harmonious unity and his very presence in that multinational hall may herald an unexpected change in that direction.

Remember my speculation earlier in the week about the vortex of energy created by the Pope and Dalai Lama compressing and utilizing the energy of the Oprah/Tolle groups in between? Was it surprising then that a 5.2 earthquake hit the Midwest today at 4:37 am?

It happened in southern Illinois near the Indiana border on the New Madrid fault line which has been quiescent for quite sometime, although it reminds residents of its presence every few years. The Associated Press explained that the shock was felt from Milwaukee to Atlanta, nearly 400 miles to the southeast. Although the tremors did not match the great New Madrid earthquake of 1811 and 1812, it still got people's attention and caused a small measure of damage to buildings. Some speculate that the Earth is awaking to the potent energy of humanity, and this may be an example of that fact.

And finally, with this kind of explosive power possible, Jimmy Carter might be careful how he deploys his enormous energy in the Middle East. Sometimes, unexpected consequences materialize from seemingly innocuous acts of good will. Could be that his open, loving heart will help neutralize some of the hatred directed at the Israelis by the Palestinians. This is certainly not the vision of Carter's visit by the United States or Israeli governments. But, given that nothing else has worked to date,
only time will tell if the former President's meetings will bear the fruit of good will, or simply energize the destructive forces that lurk in that historically significant locale.

There is hope for the region. How do I know that? Just this week a new Lakota Executive Director was hired for the Lac Courte Oreilles Chippewa Tribal clinic here in Hayward, which might not be of interest to most. But, it caught my eye because the history of northern Wisconsin is predominated early on by continuous battles between the Sioux/Lakota and the Chippewa Indians over territory.

For over 200 years, these two tribes fought some of the most vicious warfare imaginable, including ritual torture and scalping of live victims. The Chippewa finally drove the Sioux into Minnesota but skirmishes did not end until the mid-1800's, and a symbolic peace treaty was signed in 1898. Not too long ago really.

Now in 2008, with little fanfare, a Lakota was hired by the Chippewa to oversee the health care of the community. What many thought only a hundred years ago
would be impossible has become reality in the 21st century, an amazing transformation in a short time.

A similar reconciliation might be possible for tribal cousins of the Middle East with intervention appropriate to the region.
Miracles are possible and even probable given sound leadership taking responsibility. Maybe the Pope and the Dalai Lama should visit and create a symbolic earthquake. The whole world would rejoice.

Of Note: Because no earthquake pictures were available, I put in the next best thing, that of glorious mountains created by the Earth's heavings long ago. Thanks, Marie!

Today's Weather Report: Although it looked like rain all day, not a drop dropped. A little sun would be appreciated to get rid of the remaining snow. But the sixty degree temps were welcomed with a sigh of relief. It's been a LONG winter.

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