Monday, April 14, 2008

New Earth in a New Age

Manifest the desire for new things.
Manifest the desire for new paths.
Having awakened the desire toward
beauty of Infinity in everything,
humanity will walk forward
without glancing back.

Only the grandeur of the Cosmos
will impel the spirit toward
the inaccessible Heights.

M. Morya, Infinity, #46.

Seems to me, we've been at this manifesting a long time and have yet to get it right. Myself and others have flitted hither and thither searching for the spiritual truth. Sometimes we discern what we believe to be the right door from a distance, only to have it slam in our face as we approach to peer through. It's excruciating, really, because the search, apparently encoded in our DNA, must then begin anew.

Could it be that help has arrived? As I look at what's happening in the past month or so, it appears that new spiritual energy may be wafting through the United States at a time when it is sorely needed. Three events lead my thoughts in that direction.

It cannot be a coincidence that the visit of the Dalai Lama and the Pope are occurring in two consecutive weeks, one on each coast. These men are undoubtedly two of the most revered men in the world and are visiting not only to influence but to learn. Their offices carry unprecedented moral authority and, thus, unparalleled energy to bring enlightened change should they choose to use it.

The Dalai Lama has for a lifetime committed himself to spreading compassion and that was his message on the west coast to 65,000 people. He advocates loving one's enemy, even in the face of continuous animosity.

While advocating compassion and non-violence as well, Pope Benedict XVI has also reached out to Islam and other religions in his three short years in office. The Muslims masses have taken offense with his speeches and writings regarding their faith, but the Muslim clerics and the Pope have experienced an opening in dialogue.

While each coast entertained these prelates, in between has been the ascension of a book, New Earth, that has taken the states by storm. Even though its author, Eckhart Tolle, was well known in some circles, his recent collaboration with Oprah Winfrey took his message to new heights.

From what I've heard, weekly study sessions for groups or individuals are being streamed on the Web. The numbers participating has been astronomical and the first week, the Website crashed because it could not handle the load. Tolle's message of unity, compassion, responsibility and spiritual awakening is clear, concise and well-written, but not new. So, what is happening?

Could it be that Oprah and Eckhart set the stage for the later arrival of the two religious leaders? These holy men might be serving as the two poles--one on each coast--sandwiching all the
New Earth energy between them so that it is directed only for the good of mankind.

In my mind's eye, I then envision a gorgeous energy vortex of fiery colors that first envelops the United States and with swirling fingers moves out to embrace the entire globe. In its wake is left an atmosphere cleansed of the heavy, brooding forces currently veiling the planet.

Consider this--without direction, that potent energy could simply dissipate, or worse, be utilized by forces with less than good in mind. The services of these two men may be assuring only good will come from the dynamic, heart-felt energy created by the earnest New Earth students.

What we are seeing could be the beginning of many such healing pulsations that will eventually propel our New Earth into a Golden New Age. It will undoubtedly be a time of such grace that humanity will not even glance back at that inauspicious beginning of three forces in 2008.

Of Note: Marie's flaming sky photo is the closest I could come to a fiery vortex. I invite you to use your imaginations for that is the first step in creativity.

Today's Weather Report: Well, we are back to temps in the 50's and melting snow. Ah. Now I feel normal again, if that's possible.

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