Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did You Say Past-Lives?

Why is humanity in such a frenzy?
The Universe shudders at the manifestations produced by man.

M. Morya

CEO God got my attention the other day when He said everyone of us had done one of everything--or will before we have completed the many cycles of life on Earth. That made me feel better about some of the less-then-stellar activities of my current lifetime, and even past lifetimes. Heck, let's throw future lifetimes in there as well.

It also brought to mind the time I went for a past-life reading fifteen years ago. Family scoffed, but I was hell-bent on getting answers to some of my most pressing questions about troublesome relationships during that time-period. I felt sure that past-lives would explain several of the current balled-up situations in which I was involved. Traveling to the Twin Cities, I waited expectantly for the session, frankly more than a bit nervous about the whole affair.

At that point in my life, I was a veteran of walking on coals; so, I had no idea why a past-life reading had my stomach in knots. Probably just the mystery of it all. At the appointed hour, the medium welcomed me into the unadorned room and asked why was I there. Hum, for some reason, I thought she'd know. After explaining my reasons, she proceeded to close her eyes and started talking in a slightly affected voice.

Cutting to the chase, I, of course, had been a queen and my current partner was my son. My troublesome daughter was his concubine. He had committed suicide because of her and that was causing all our collective problems. It didn't stop there. In another life, the husband who I had just divorced had taken me as a slave, and I had come to love him in the end. At the end of the hour, I left with a tape of the session and $100 less in my pocketbook, and I thought a little wiser. The mind does that after spending money, ask any psychologist.

Because of my experience, several people have shared their own past-life readings. Most are delightful tales of intrigue, lost-love, secrets revealed and unparalleled subterfuge. It goes without saying, everyone has been a king or queen. These imaginative stories could be the stuff of the greatest novels of all time. Thing is, I have never heard a past-life tale as an Indian beggar, a mundane blue-collar breadwinner or a sullied murderer. Let alone a leper or a tyrant.

But according to CEO God, we've had or will have one of each. Think about it. Lives have been or will be lived as each and every nationality, every race, every gender, every profession in every economic strata--yes, even kings and queens--all the way back to the beginning of mankind. It would take a life-time of readings to even assess a representative sample of these lives, leaving little time to do anything else. What's more, a Tibetan Master noted on the subject: "If We could reveal to humanity the records of human deeds, verily it would be horror-stricken!" Seems some things might be left buried. Literally.

But, mediums make livings accessing these many lives and would be out of business if they told their clients the truth: "Hey, what I do is part of a New Age illusion that past-life readings have meaning. What does have meaning is the connectivity of all mankind. Look out at a world of 6 billion people, and you can experience in the here and now each of your past lives, if you choose. The total diversity of lives is represented and are all you. But, alas, individual lives are of little accord because, frankly, many are horrific and the rest aren't that interesting. Given that, would you like me to continue?" Some may for their own reasons, but many would decide to spend their $100 elsewhere.

CEO God does have a promise for each of us concerning knowledge of past lives. At some point in our evolution, when we don't care, all past lives will be made known to us--the good, the bad and the ugly. And we will look on with dispassion not horror, understanding that the essence of each life added to the fiery stores of the Chalice sacrificed in the end for the ultimate good. Then we'll move on without looking back.

CEO God has also given us a new meaning to the concept of connectivity--and just when we were getting our hearts and brains around the old version. Now, He tells us that human connectivity covers past, present AND future lives in a multi-dimensional geometric whole. Some might call that revolutionary.

Next time He drops in, I'm going to ask Him if we have all really been murderers, prostitutes and tramps. Oh, heck, let's throw in an African dictator like Mugabe, though certainly there was only one Hitler. That gives a whole new meaning to humility, doesn't it? And we can throw "judgmental" out the window. Hum. Wonder if the Great One was talking incarnate AND discarnate lives. Shoot, then we'd be talking connections to multi-billions of lives.

It's making my head reel. Think I'll go take an aspirin and pet the cats. Here kitty-kitty----

Of Note: This tumbling structure reminded me of two things: the impermanence of form and the interconnectivity of man as represented by the mortared blocks. If one was to picture a whole room of these blocks, that would better represent the relationships each to each. Thanks you, Marie, for sharing your artful piece!

Today's Weather Report: It's a sunshiny, but chilly day. 28 degrees greeted me this morning. It's most likely in the high thirties, low forties now. I lied the other day; ice still encases most of the lake. I looked out and saw a patch of water, but it was not representative of the whole expanse.

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