Sunday, April 27, 2008

CEO God Speaks Out on Evolution

In Tibetan, the word for body is lu,
which means 'something you leave behind,' like baggage.
Each time we say 'lu,'
it reminds us that we are only travelers,
taking temporary refuge in this life and this body.

Sogyal Rinpoche

CEO God has been very busy tending to his extensive flock for the last couple of months. This morning, He put in a call for a short briefing about evolution. Apparently, it came to His attention that a University of Chicago professor named Neil Shubin recently authored a book Your Inner Fish, and the Almighty's got a few words about that. Though, because CEO God is inscrutable, you never know.

You have to understand, this appearance isn't like Obama's appearance on Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday show today. CEO God just doesn't show up with his entourage, go to make-up, and then recite well-rehearsed lines. No, He shows up when the vibrations are tuned exactly to the right coordinates and leaves whenever He chooses. One thing Obama and CEO God do have in common is a sense of humor; though, Obama's seems to be waivering a bit now that he's being asked real questions by inquiring minds. It's reassuring that CEO God's humor will never wane because, after all, He invented it.

As I picture it, He must have been having an awfully good time with a real sense of humor when creating all the forms we see before us in every imaginable shape, variety, color and, if we could hear it, even sound. Dr. Shubin sees no Godly hand in evolution, however. He believes that "we owe much of our anatomy to our animal ancestors. Parts that evolved in one setting are now jury-rigged to work in another. When you look at the human body, you see layer after layer of history inside us."

According to this evolutionary biologist, these layers go from the primitive inner fish all the way to the more recent chimpanzee and explain such things as males nipples, wisdom teeth, hernias, flatulence and hiccups. Based on this line of thinking, man is not moving toward perfection, rather "evolution by natural selection is not moving toward anything--it just modifies existing creatures to better compete in ever-shifting environments."

Those who refute intelligent design point to these apparent anomalies as proof that "we look like we've been put together by someone who didn't read the manual, or at least did a somewhat sloppy job of things." Maybe that's what CEO God wants to talk about. Oh! Here He is now.

CEO God: "Good evening, Susan. It was kind of you to give Us a moment of your time today. Let Us dispel any hidden pride you may have, however, in Our appearances to you. Today you were open vibrationally to a short interview. Other days, not so much. In the future, Our contacts will be made in group form and only then will the world change for the better. This current type of contact is not the best, but it must suffice during this interim period. Do you understand?"

Susan: "Guess I can't hide anything from You, can I? And, yes, I understand. Thanks for reminding me in such a kind way."

CEO God: "Susan, don't beat up on yourself to much about the matter--at least you are open occasionally, even though a bit of pride obscures My passage. Most are not open at all. Although, happily, that will change in the very near future. We have been very busy contacting disciples like Oprah and Eckhart to inspire those deciding whether or not to step onto the Path. Actually, many of these aspirants are on the Path already and not aware of the fact. Why? Because they made the first steps in a previous lifetime. For these souls, working with Eckhart's material is merely a remembering, and they will progress quickly."

Susan: "That helps a lot, CEO God. You are always so clear. I wish it could always be so clear."

CEO God: "Susan, you have to understand that clarity WILL come when you are much further down the Path, but for now this lack of clarity propels you forward to a brighter future. Actually, it's one of the motivating force behind evolution."

Susan, getting excited: "Ah, and that's what You came to talk about today. Didn't You take some offense with the thoughts by some scientists that You did a sloppy job in creation? How about the comments that we are not heading toward perfection? We were taught in religion class that we were made in Your image and likeness, so that has to mean perfection."

CEO God: Silence.

Susan, sheepishly: "Doesn't it?"

CEO God: "My silence was meant as no disparagement to your questions, Sister. Even We must sometimes take a moment to answer in a way understandable to you. In that moment We consulted one of your previous incarnations. He was a German physician and scientist with an advanced mind but a retarded emotional side. Thus, it was a pity that he put a bullet in his head when shunned by his colleagues for an intuitive discovery made on Our behalf. Your current life includes some remnants of these problems. But, it also holds promise because of your previous background. That's why We come to you often to clarify inaccurate scientific viewpoints and to further the concept that science is spiritual."

Susan, taking a few deep breaths: "I had no idea! How embarrassing to have succumbed in such an un-Godly manner."

CEO God: "Now, don't get stuck on that life, Susan, it was a few incarnations ago, and you have definitely moved on. Oh My, if you think a mere suicide is the worst that you've done, think again. You have to remember that EVERYONE has done one of everything, including We Gods when we were Human. It's the way of evolution.
Take a few deep breaths, OK? You are starting to worry Me--you look very pale."

Susan, taking more deep breaths: "OK, OK, I'm calming down. It's not everyday you find out something like that. So, where were we?"

CEO God: "You were wondering if those evolutionary scientists have insulted Us. If truth be told, they are insulting you and the rest of Humanity for it is in YOUR image and likeness the physical form is built. And, frankly, sometimes it's been a disaster, and We've had to intervene to wash away the evidence. These scientists actually have it right, but not for the right reasons. We have used them as unconscious channels to get the basic word out,and it makes no difference that they didn't get it quite right. Why we are visiting you today is to say 'congratulations' for picking up on the thread of information coming from these workers. In this way, We know the information is moving down the chain into the masses. But don't let that go to your head."

Susan, humbly: "Wow, that's a new twist on the concept of evolution. Hard to accept after a lifetime of thinking another way. But, I think I understand a little. That would have to mean, though, that perfection can never come to the physical form because it is man-made. Like fake-suede or Naugahyde."

CEO God: "Well, something like that, though Humanity does a bit better with itself than Naugahyde, which is an abomination. Now, listen up. It gets harder. You are actually two, the physical--consisting of four layers--and consciousness. Each evolves. The consciousness represents your true Self, and it indeed reaches perfection, which is the immediate goal of evolution. At some point even consciousness is subsumed to reveal a mystery even more glorious, but that is getting way ahead for today."

Susan: "My brain is having a hard time getting around all this, Almighty. Can You give me a minute?"

CEO God: "No, actually, I've got to cover one additional concept and then move on. You'll just have to keep up as best you can. We know if you don't get it this time, you will the next. Infinity makes that inevitable. OK, the dear professor said that one animal is layered in the next. He is correct. That is how Humanity chose to create, one layer at a time, like a cake. It is not so everywhere. So, do not get too attached to Earthly forms, or you will not recognize other forms when they approach. And, with that, We are off. The fiery ring We've created around the Himalayas needs tending. Our Blessings to you and all Humanity!"

Susan, a little exhausted: "Thank you, CEO God! It's always enlightening. Though, I'll most likely be in bed shortly after Your infusion of energy."

Of Note: Marie emailed this colorful picture this morning from a walk she was taking with Mom. Isn't technology amazing? For me, it was the hope of Spring and showed me that Humanity gets it right now and then in creating uplifting beauty.

Today's Weather Report: It was in the upper twenties all day. Burrr! Felt like a November day, except the angle of the sun, which shone brightly all day, gave away that this was Spring not Fall.

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