Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fortunate to Have Enemies

When studying Ancient Wisdom, some ideas are turned right on their heads. After all, if we are all ONE, how do we deal with the concept of ENEMY? It's such an easy word to throw around, ask any politician. The Masters speak about the matter from eons of experience:

Do not make enemies. This is an enjoinment to all.
Know your enemies, beware of them, stop their actions, but bear no malice.

And if the enemy comes of his own accord under your roof, give him warmth because large is your roof and the newcomer shall not take your place.

But if it is difficult to overcome a deep feeling,
cover it with the smile of LIGHT.

The reason humanity so well remembers Buddha and Christ
is because they were both very fortunate in having powerful enemies.

M. Morya

Of Note: These insightful quotes are from the Agni Yoga series of books, which can be found at The flaming tree is compliments of my talented sister, Marie.

Today's Weather Report: It's early yet, so the final temp is not yet set. But, it looks to be a bright, sunshiny kind of day. Yesterday I was stunned to find no snow in the field. Last week, there was a foot! Though, the weatherman said that Duluth will get 4 to 6 inches of snow today, and the storm is heading this way.

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