Saturday, February 6, 2010

Transparent and Clear

If the mind is not contrived,
it is spontaneously blissful,
just as water, when not agitated,
is by nature transparent and clear.


Of Note: Water has always been the symbol of the emotions. Whenever the word water was noted in ancient writings, the reader was challenged to look deeper. The ancients ascribed seven layers of meaning to their esoteric writings. That is why, taken at face value, old texts were often misunderstood. Often, grossly misunderstood. The ancients knew, however, that at some future date the keys of knowledge would be found, and the layers of meaning peeled back to reveal the Truth. It has been foretold that we could enter this period in the near future. Based on a collective decision, Humanity will ultimately determine when that time will begin. There is much talk of 2012, but that date could come and go with no apparent changes if we simply sit back and wait for the universe to take action. WE are the ones who are predestined to take action, and so it shall be. Or not. It is up to us.

Today's Weather Report: Hallelujah, the sun was out gloriously today, and it was 30 degrees! Not enough for any melting but the promise was in the air. The newest puppy was recovering from his neutering operation yesterday and is supposed to be kept "calm" for 10 to 14 days. The best we could do with two rambunctious pups was to let only one out at a time. Other than that in the house, it was play, play, play. There was simply no getting away from it. This past week, Chewy has been climbing 4 staircases to get to Jim's turret office where the cats hang out. It has worked out amazingly well. The dog lies on the floor to sleep, and the cats are sometimes within a few feet with no hissing. This may be the real detente we were waiting for.

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