Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Once Social Change Begins

Once social change begins,
it cannot be reversed.

You cannot un-educate the
person who has learned to read.

You cannot humiliate
the person who feels pride.

You cannot oppress the people
who are not afraid anymore.

~Cesar Chavez, 1984

Of Note: Mr. Chavez has a point. Actually, his point is so simple that it seems like plain, old commonsense. However, fear always trumps commonsense until it is surmounted, and that takes many lifetimes. What we are seeing at this time is all of humanity facing its fears and then moving onward and upward. The outer appearance is one of chaos and turmoil, but do not be deceived. Humanity has a lighted destiny that is within reach and ultimately cannot be reversed.

Today's Weather Report: The full moon of Aquarius over the weekend brought all those nights of below zero Fahrenheit. We are past that now, and temps will be getting back to normal. A little snow fell this morning, but it did not last long. Last Saturday in anticipation of spring, I picked out treasures for my garden at the local thrift store. During the growing season, I "hide" these inexpensive items in my garden and see if people notice the strange array of figurines, pots, dangles, and bobbles scattered here and there. Hayward actually has four thrift stores and a new one for building materials. Each is run by a local charity so any money spent supports a good cause.

Watch For Change Snippet: TIME magazine along with CNN and Fortune Magazine are hosting a global forum in South Africa during the World Cup. The three-day event in June will bring together Fortune 500 CEO's, world leaders, and members of the TIME 100, who are the top 100 world leaders chosen by the magazine every year. The participants will discuss the shifting of economic power to developing countries. The head of TIME magazine's steering committee noted: "We've given the conference the title The New Global Opportunity because there's a realization that we can't go back to the old ways. Growth has to be inclusive and sustainable. And the role and potential of those who have been marginalized in the past--the poor, especially women and girls--will only grow."

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