Friday, February 5, 2010

Dance in the Sunlight


~Gail Marie

Of Note: As I look out, humor seems to have disappeared from the landscape. Sometimes the emotional energy seems heavy indeed, especially on the political front. It hangs on us like lead and permeates our whole anatomy. It's not enough to simply push this dissonant energy away for it only promises to come back with vengeance. Better to substitute it with something lighter and more finely tuned. Might I suggest starting the transformation with hearty laughter. Then a walk in the sunlight. Even a day off from TV might be therapeutic. Or making toasted cheese sandwiches with a friend on a cold afternoon. I'm sure if we thought about it, we could come up with a long list. Whatever it takes. I feel certain that if we concentrated on celebrating the wonders of life, our humor would re-appear.

Today's Weather Report: Gosh, it got up to almost 30 degrees Fahrenheit! It was almost balmy even though the sun refused to shine. Washington DC is getting slammed with two feet or more of snow today through tomorrow. The news anchor said that even a half-inch of snow in the Capital makes going rough. Can you imagine two feet of the fluffy stuff? That would paralyze even northern Wisconsin for a time. It will be quite interesting to see how everyone out there handles the situation.

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