Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tips for Building


Two rules of life activity must be taught the young student, whatever his or her age:
  • He must be taught to focus on constructive activity and to refrain from pulling down the old order of living.
  • He must be set to build the future and to creatively THINK along the new lines.
  • He must be warned not to waste time in attacking that which is undesirable, but must instead bend all his energies to creating something new.
In this way public attention will gradually be focused upon the new and beautiful, and the old established creations will fall into decay for lack of attention and so disappear.

Of Note: This is sage advise from a wise Tibetan Master DK and goes with the "energy follows thought" line of reasoning. Thanks to Marie, another ethereal arboretum picture graces this blog.

Today's Weather Report: It's cloudy and looks like snow. The rocks in the garden are starting to poke their noses out from under their white blanket. A spot of bare ground outside the kitchen window shows evidence of green shoots where the garlic plants refuse to die. Four years they've been coming up now with little to give but the first verdant color of the season. On this dreary day, the offering is gladly accepted.

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