Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Be It


Holy Spirit-Force of this creation,
source of life's beginning and end,
we thank you for our story,
honored as we are to be part of your greater story.

We are grateful for you consciousness and our memory,
and for the multiple episodes of our lives
in all their ambiguity.

Their ebb and flow make sense in your purview,
and we bless you for your caringness
through all the eons of evolutionary unfolding.

May our story by a worthy part
of a conversation with creation itself,
transparent and meaningful
in a larger context than we can begin to comprehend.

So be it.

Of Note: This calming photo was taken at the arboretum in Dallas by my talented sister, Marie. Its ebb and flow matched perfectly with the poem that was sent by my Mother, who received it at a group she attends weekly. We honor the author whoever it may be.

Today's Weather Report: I awoke to a snow shower and now the sun is out. This is pretty typical of March. Goes well with March Madness that is on TV.

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