Sunday, March 23, 2008

God Is a Pacifist and Other Myths, Part III, IV & V


PART III--Continued

"It will not always be so. We did not win this battle in Atlantean times eons ago and went 'underground.' But, in your parlance, this time we will win, like a remake of an old movie with a different ending--one that ultimately affects the evolution of the entire solar system. Many are watching from a distance and helping when it is allowed by universal law."

"Humanity's actions to date
have made the Lighted outcome inevitable, particularly with the successful conclusions of the World Wars when the doors of evil were partially closed. Evil came very close to winning the day during those dark times, and We were very close to withdrawing Our attention from Humanity--a situation which could have spelled doom for mankind. But, to the amazement of some in the Hierarchy, mankind drew from its Heart that Light necessary to overcome its adversary and the rest is history, as you know. Had America stayed neutral as many wanted, the battle would have been lost. Like We said, it was VERY close."

"Beloved pacifists see ahead in time when man will live with man and other kingdoms in harmony. They are visionaries and their intentions were and are good.
But the fight between good and evil is not yet concluded and cannot be ended prematurely because of the impact it could have on this entire evolutionary cycle. The Dark Ones would like this fight to end now, and thus the pacifist unknowingly play into their manipulative hands."

"The multidimensional situation is much more complicated than you can imagine. We know that your finite brains have a difficult time with these rigorous concepts. Many Hierarchies of Gods exist and your limited view sees only a small portion of the whole. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised that the Ultimate God, All That Is, remains unknowable, even to Us. His Purpose is inscrutable, and Our job is to grasp the part of the Plan that is ours to implement. It is this which propels Us forward on the Path--and you with Us. "

"Know this to be true, Susan: in all of these lessons, we speak with words you can hopefully comprehend--it is not always what We know as Truth on the plane in which We dwell. Truth like everything else is multi-dimensional. As you evolve to new vibrational levels, you will know directly and join Us in these historic efforts."


This Soul story continues to have sequels and the awakening "I" is setting into its new Soul rhythm. Many days it's like a well coordinated dance; other days it is a disconnected jitterbug with one uncoordinated partner out-of-step to the melodic universal tune. But self and Self know the evolutionary outcome is inevitable, even if the unruly personality rebels now and again or simply is too busy to pay close attention:

"Say what, Teacher? We are one and the same, You and I? With everything else, too? But it feels so unnatural to think in terms of unity. Oh, that's what they all say, huh? And I used to think when I was young and foolish that You and the other Gods had no sense of humor!"

"Susan, you should be glad We did and still do--'bon-bons and Lucky Strikes!' You are such an irreverent pupil sometimes. My word, spiritual domestication is SUCH a slow process for some."

To Be Continued. . .

Of Note: Four years later, my blog continues this imaginary discussion with the Gods. On another front, you might think that the cloud pictures that accompanied this story are all the same. They are not. Marie captured each one a moment or two apart. Look closely.

Today's Weather Report: It being Easter, I thought it would be nice to continue Spring. But, alas, we have been plunged back into winter for the day. Snow and blowing winds reminded us that it's only March, and we usually have more wintery-type weather ahead of us.

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