Sunday, March 16, 2008

God Is a Pacifist and Other Myths, Part III



"Greetings! We thought you'd never invite us in. Who are we? We are on the same Path as you and are here to en-COURAGE you to move along. We are a little ahead of you and could have gone on, but chose to stay awhile and help your group save the world."

"Yes, We can tell you that you are part of a great Hierarchy of Souls. You will be formally introduced to that exalted enclave once you have been properly domesticated to spiritual living. Our job is to show you the Real so that you might finally understand the Mind of God and join it. In so doing, you will question no more the little world of men because you will understand the answers directly."

"Our ultimate goal on Earth is to foster love among the Sons of Men. It is Our--and thus, your--only purpose. You hinder yourself from finding the Real through your undesirable habit of adherence to the unreal and its deafening noise, putrid smells and gross vibration. We mean this quite literally. The physical sticks to you like glue, and, the truth is, We are the only solvent."

"You have accused Us in the past of many things based on the myths you have been taught. These false teachings were especially prevalent in your religious upbringing. However, you always knew in your heart that these untruths were part of the unreal. We are now here to tell you that when you know Reality, it is LIGHT in your heart and a pure tone sounds in your ear. You've heard that for a few years without knowing its source. It was just Us tuning into your vibration."

"Particularly at this time, we ask that you put aside the myth that God is a pacifist. This cannot be so. A personified God, if you must, is pacifist AND destroyer. Death and destruction are inherently part of the Plan, just as much as birth and awakening. If truth be known, there would be no life without death. Just look around, and you will know this to be true. Each contribute equally to the evolutionary process."

"Let me try to put it to you simply, Sanat Kumara, the One whom you call God, knows the Plan from Those ahead of Him on the Path and steps it down to those on the the next rung of the Hierarchical ladder. These Souls in turn step the information down and so on and so forth until it reaches the masses of men. Keep in mind that We are not allowed by universal law to interfere with the affairs of humanity directly so have to use this sometimes inefficient, step-wise process to get things done. That is the way it's always been, except for two instances, but it would be digressing to go there. So, let us move on."

"Men at this time and throughout the history of humanity have used war to achieve ends. We only have you through which to work, as I said before. Thus, war is sometimes part of the Plan--because that is how the Plan is sometimes interpreted by humanity. This is a large topic and could fill volumes. Suffice it to say, however, that in some instances war, when motivated by universal ideas, is the best We can do with the circumstances on the ground. This is especially so at this crucial time when we must seal the door where evil dwells without fail."

"The window of opportunity is small in which to win this decisive battle; in the expanse of time, the opening is infinitesimal. However, until evil is put to sleep, the peace humanity so desperately seeks is not possible. Please understand that those Great Energies who promote evil will not have it. The coming of the Kingdom of God spells Their doom--and that fear guides Their every move. Fear is Their signature card and is an emotion They actively promulgate. Yes, you could say these Beings feed on it, and you humans keep them amply supplied with delicious goodies."


Of note: This is a continuation of the story began last Sunday. To understand the full context, please refer to my blog of March 9, 2008. The God-like picture is courtesy of M. Huffman, who always supplies me with the perfect image.

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