Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Confessions, Part II

Today CEO God will join us for an exclusive interview. His agent has assured me that I can ask anything although the responses may be paradoxical to our earth-bound minds. Thus, he recommends two things: 1) keeping an open mind and heart and 2) letting the answers pour in without undue opinion or emotion. He also warns that occasionally with other such interviews the participants have felt a sudden surge of energy either during or after the interview, which some have found not altogether pleasant. This is normal and should be ignored as much as possible. A hot-toddy, a hot-bath and a foot rub will all help if the symptom continues. With that as an introduction, I can hear Him coming now:

Susan: "Welcome, CEO God! It is a privilege and a pleasure to have you in my office today--although I am a bit surprised that your agent called me earlier in the week to say you'd be coming. With all you've got going on, I really couldn't figure out why you'd take the time to come to this week's Sunday Confessions. I'd appreciate if You would fill me in."

CEO God: "I believe YOU called Me, didn't you? Last week's Sunday Confessions were addressed to me, were they not?"

Susan: "Well, I guess you could say that. But You were really listening?"

CEO God: "Susan, Susan, Susan. You've been studying Me for many years and you don't know the answer to that by now? You are teasing me, I know. But, I am here now in answer to your call and my time is short. It is quite an effort even for Me to unfold from the higher dimensions in which I dwell to the third--and frankly uncomfortable. Plus, the noise here wants to constantly rearrange the illusion-body before you. So, don't let it frighten you if I fade in and out a bit."

Susan: "Well, OK, then let's get started--I will try to be brief and straight to the point as it's my impression that is what You'd like. So, CEO God, why do we have a dark and light side, anyway? I hope You don't think I'm being presumptuous, but wouldn't it have just been easier to create this world with only light, happiness and joy while leaving out the dark, evil part of the equation?"

CEO God: "It's a long story, Susan, and one that would take quite a while to tell. Much of My rich history you would find unbelievable or incomprehensible. But, since you confessed so candidly last week, I decided to do the same today as I obviously knew what was on your mind."

Susan: "I can not imagine that YOU would have a confession to make to ME."

CEO God: "Actually, it's not to you per say, but you are as good a spokeswoman as I have available in this time sector. Several more preeminent humans are busy--and your sincerity and the utter simplicity of your call last Sunday struck me as refreshing. Yes, it is now time that the truth be told as it has been distorted for personal and political reasons over the eons. The fact of the matter is that I am myself not a perfect God. Yes, it's true.
Because of my imperfection, the world as a reflection of Me, is imperfect as well. Light and Dark are realities on the planet because they are also my Realities. If fact, the imperfection goes all the way to the top. Your scientists have recently seen this for themselves as they look at the Big Bang and the imperfections in the microwave background of the universe. So, does all this surprise you? I can tell by your thoughts and the look on your face that it does."

Susan: "Wow, I just wasn't expecting it. You might have to give me a minute to get my brain around the thought of an imperfect God or Gods."

CEO God: "Well, while you are doing that, I'll go on. There's more. Even Gods like me evolve, all the while struggling with their own Light and Dark issues, just like you do. And here's another surprise,
My evolution has taken me through many cycles of being human. So, I feel your pain literally, even now. Mind you, My issues with Good and Evil are on a higher turn of the spiral than yours, but they definitely effect your world, and I am responsible for that aftermath. Fully responsible."

Susan: "I don't know what to say, CEO God. I thought I knew You, but then realize so much of what I've been told by the churches may be all wrong. Did the churches know the truth?"

CEO God: "There have always been some in each brand of church, specifically the esoteric branches, that knew the truth, but we asked that they keep silent on the matter. The Masons carry a seed of the truth as well. The reasons for this silence are complex, and I cannot fully disclose the answer. But, we decided it was time for a partial confession, if not yet time for the full shi-bang. Kind of like you did last Sunday: you partially confessed, but not fully. The time was not right, nor the audience ready. Is that not correct?"

Susan, smiling sheepishly: "Yes, CEO God, but then you knew that already."

CEO God: "I have to go now, Susan, other urgent matters call. I have read your blog, though, and want to thank you for your attempts at letting others know my true nature. You don't always get it right, but you try none-the-less. It is a real service to let the word out particularly to atheists, agnostics and others that I'm not some strange, distant God with little human contact. Nothing could be farther from the truth; though I do use agents more often than not. Face it, there is only one of Me and billions and billions of you, incarnate and discarnate. Universal law requires that I remain basically hands-off and let humans do their own thing--though in that last World War of yours we had to get a bit more involved than usual. Having said that, however, My contribution is for the most part the imparting of ideas from My mind to human minds vibrating at the same frequency--a speed that can cause some real damage if an individual is not prepared properly. Unfortunately, few are ready for that. That is why my agents have been preparing groups for the strenuous effort over the last 100 years. Thus, the grand scheme is evolution in unity. Onward and upward. Very simple really."

Susan: "I THINK what I'm hearing You say is good news for the planet, right? As You evolve, we evolve--like we are all in this together--and we each share some responsibility then in the outcome?"

CEO God: "Yes, you're getting it now. If you ponder on these matters, other revelations may come as well. Remember that I don't have to be sitting here for us to communicate. Look what happened last Sunday! So, I'm leaving your dimension now and may return from time to time. Adieu, and be sure to keep the light on!"

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