Wednesday, January 30, 2008


WSJ reports that a bumper sticker seen around DC these days reads "1.21.2009." That, of course, is the day the Bushites leave town and most likely the Clintonites resume power. I can hear the heralding trumpets already. Someone asked me recently why I didn't spend time in this blog dissecting the political scene, which I follow closely. My enigmatic response: it's as important what's NOT here as what is. Frankly, what's happening on the campaign trail is altogether un-enlightening and seems to be delaminating more every day. Even Barack, whom I have praised in this blog for eloquent and uplifting speeches, does not seem immune from wallowing in the mud with the other Presidential hopefuls. And, what's more frightening, I don't think we've seen the worse of it yet. In about October, the nation will need to be put on life support for all the blood-letting that's going to be had between now and then.

But, having said that, the inescapable Little Voice speaks up to this Observer-in-training who is inevitably responsible for every thought, word and deed.

Little Voice: "Hey, Susan, what is that negative recording doing in your head? It certainly got MY attention. I thought you'd have been past that kind of thinking by now. You KNOW it's always darkest before the dawn--and that includes happenings in your U.S. political scene, as well. For a moment you might have forgotten the inevitable sequence: inertia to movement to chaos/crises to enlightenment/revelation. I'm sure if you put aside your emotions, you would see that we are simply in the crises phase. Keep looking without discouragement and enlightenment will follow. You might think of it like a really painful delivery; you had one like that a quarter century ago--you remember. And look what came after, that beautiful baby girl!"

Susan: "You sure don't make it easy on a person, do you? You never let me wallow with all the others for long. Darn! OK, OK. I get it now. Instead of railing at the present crop of bruised candidates, I will just have to create a list of what my ideal President might be like; what attributes he or she might have; and what responses, reactions and thoughts. Is that better?"

Little Voice: "Now you're back on track. You are not one of my most enlightened students, but you are one of the most persistent. Your new, enriched response will definitely get your negative energy on this weighty matter moving in a more positive direction. If more people did this, it might change the whole outcome. But at this moment, we're looking forward to seeing your list. Bring it on."

Susan: "I'll do my best, but will ask for ideas from others if they think I've missed something relevant. It would certainly be impossible for me to list everything. But with the contribution of others, we might get closer."

The Enlightened Profile

Demonstrates a life that has been given to selfless service
Successful and proven leader in whatever field chosen
Learned, good intellect but not overly so
Genuinely compassionate
Knows the meaning of gracious-loving-kindness and shows it
No entrenched ideologies, including religious
A good orator/uplifting/a sense of humor
Demonstrates an ability to inspire
The ability to move people and get something done
A respectful peacemaker
A warrior when the call arises/fearless (wimps need not apply)
Good character that has undergone a measure of painful experiences/
willing to talk about those honestly
Non-critical nature yet good analytical mind
Diplomatic in dealing with others, particularly in disagreement
A political will that empowers the populace--globally
Demonstrates an understanding of cooperation as opposed to competition
The ability to be "fluid in adjustment but undeviating in aim"
Creative/visionary yet practical
Demonstrates the ability to chose like-minded people with whom to serve
Creates policies in line with these values and attributes
with an understanding of unity in diversity,
of the importance of sharing resources globally, and
of this nation's place in the broader scheme.

Little Voice: "Well, that's a good start. At least you have a template against which to judge the various candidates. But, I've got to run. Someone from the John Edwards campaign is in need of assistance today. He's having a meltdown because his candidate is stepping aside. Between this and a few in the Guilliani camp, I'll probably be kept running all day. Ah, you humans, how you love your trauma dramas. Adieu!"

Well, now I feel better having gotten rid of that negative political energy. The Little Voice demonstrates so much wisdom--too bad it often takes a kick in the pants to get me moving in a more enlightened direction. Guess that's what it means to be evolving. On another note: yesterday I read the February 2008 National Geographic cover to cover. Every article was better than the next, and I would highly recommend buying a copy if you don't already get it at home.

Particularly enlightening was the cover story on the Black Pharaohs of Egypt who ruled for a short time in the 700 BCs. Apparently, historians have been less than candid about these intrepid warriors, builders and rulers because of past racial prejudice, and I applaud NG for setting the record straight. Also included were articles on potential future western US water wars; the Hazaras of Afghanistan, a little known ethnic group previously persecuted and killed by the Taliban for being Shia Muslims; and a beautiful photographic essay depicting a Japanese poet's journey in the 1600's. This is an eclectic group of articles, but ones that I would bet will keep your attention riveted to the pages.

Daily Weather report: -20 degrees with a -50 degree wind chill. Not a day to sun outside, even though the it is shining brightly without a cloud in the sky. Quite different than the 47 degrees we had a mere two days ago.

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