Thursday, May 12, 2011

As a Man Thinketh


~ Sacred Scripture

Of Note: The young in repressed nations are learning a new lesson of non-violent dissent. They have seen up close and personal that violence only begets more violence and creates a never ending cycle of dysfunction. Many of these young adults have known nothing else but chaos. For example, in Kashmir, two thirds of the population is below the age of 30, which means they have never known anything but the police state imposed by India to quell Pakistani and Kashmiri militants. But the Arab Spring has awakened an enlightened group of young Kashmiris, who have taken note of the non-violent methods used elsewhere. Here social networking has been shut down by India; so, a group of them have composed songs to carry the message. Last summer they threw stones, and 117 of them were killed with many more imprisoned. This summer they will sing instead. The rest of us will be listening to the new tune with hope of a non-violent ending to decade's old repression. Is that a fanciful dream? Maybe. But if we put our energy of Love behind them, the universe may respond with a miracle.

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