Saturday, April 2, 2011

Think with the Heart

It is said a great Zen teacher
asked an initiate to sit by a
stream until he heard all the
water had to teach.

After days of bending his
mind around the scene,
a small monkey happened by,
and in one bound of joy,
splashed through the stream.

The initiate wept and
returned to his teacher,

who scolded him lovingly,

"The monkey heard. You just listened."

~ As told by Mark Nepo

Of Note: Many of us use only our brains to analyze a situation. We take it apart bit by bit until the "answer" emerges. What is missing here is the input of the heart. Thing is, the brain distrusts what it considers an emotion-laden heart and often shuts it out. What the brain doesn't know in the beginning is that divine wisdom can only be obtained when we "think with the heart." This is a hard lesson for many initiates but one that must be learned before moving onward and upward on the path of evolution.

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