Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Life as a Message


~ Mahatma Gandhi

Of Note: The Chinese government is at it again. This past week, police in China arrested a prominent blogger in a deepening crackdown on dissent. What was the crime? Ran Yunfei had the audacity to challenge the ruling Communist Party. Many bloggers had advocated a "Jasmine Revolution" based on what is currently happening in the Middle East. Ran joined the call and was charged with inciting subversion. A former Chinese legal scholar said: "Basically, it's the crime of expressing your opinions. In this case, too, prosecutors will probably use essays that Ran has published on the Internet." More than 100 activists have been detained, been subjected to intimidation or merely disappeared since February 2011. These dissidents and the ones arrested before them could be the forerunners, who history will show lighted the fire of radical change in China. Because the energy of freedom is afoot, we can help by telepathically "sending" our lighted energy to those who languish in jail or prison for speaking out against an oppressive regime. They do not have to carry the burden alone.

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