Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Treating It Like Dirt

"With eight billion people, we are going
to have to start getting interested in soil.
We are simply not going to be able
to keep treating it like dirt."

David Montgomery
University of Washington

Of Note: This ended a great article on soil in the September 2008 issue of National Geographic. Eight billion refers to the number of people in our grandchildren's world. While the US has done pretty well--or could with technology--in the dirt department, much of the rest of the world's soil is in need of remediation. Without it, many of the dreams of self-sustaining communities will come to naught.

Today's Weather Report: Clouds, clouds and then more clouds--although for a few hours the sun peeked out to say hello. I reminded myself today that most of November is cloudy like this. The moderate temps today are NOT like November, however.

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