Saturday, March 6, 2010

We Are Each Other

We are each others harvest.
We are each others business.

We are each others
and bond.

~Gwendolyn Brooks

Of Note: Quite literally, we are all connected like the seeds of these sunflowers. Great spirals of life in ordered pattern. Magical really if we only knew.

Today's Weather Report: Oh, my. It was actually 52 degrees Fahrenheit in the late afternoon. We haven't seen temperatures in the fifties since last fall! Snow is melting all around and great puddles are forming on the still frozen ground. Soon the road to the house will be next to impossible to navigate. What a wonderful problem to have as spring approaches. The puppies found the partial remains of a deer in the woods today and brought a leg home. Thankfully, they left it in the driveway. Gives a new meaning to dog kisses.