Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Step into the Unknown

It is familiarity with life that makes time speed quickly.
When every day is a step in the unknown,
the days are long with gathering of experience.

George Gissing
19th century

Of Note: My older sister, who takes these fantastic shots, understands that perceiving beauty in everything around us inspires hope. She has always had the ability to look for and see hope in every experience. If we all could that that, we would change the world.

Today's Weather Report: The morning after a thunderstorm is so refreshing. The storm clouds gathered yesterday afternoon rather unexpectedly and the temps dropped suddenly to the low 70's. It was nothing earth shattering, just a nice, soft pitter-patter to put us to sleep without air-conditioning. Today the glorious sun is shining, but more thunderstorms are forecast. Bring it on!

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