Thursday, June 19, 2008

Naked Reality

In a world of tension and breakdown,
it is necessary to seek to integrate
our inner lives not by avoiding anguish
and running away
from problems
but by facing them in their naked

reality and in their ordinariness.

Thomas Merton

Of Note: Many of our ancestors faced trials about which we can only dream. Hardship was an ordinary part of their mundane existence. We have much to learn from these ghost's of yesterday. Marie took this haunting shot on her trip to West Texas in April. You can almost hear an intrepid Mom calling her brood for a hardy lunch.

Today's Weather Report: Partly cloudy and cool this morning, starting out again at 40 degrees or so. Around noon it sprinkled, then got hot with the sun beating down, then got cloudy, cool and sprinkled some more. Guess Ma Nature could not make up her mind today.

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