Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday Confessions on Saturday, Part V

The Vatican announced this week that it will issue an edict tightening the rules for creating Catholic saints. That's good because the process had become somewhat of a politically correct popularity contest anyway. CEO God wanted to weigh in on this and another matter so contacted me the usual way this week. I apologized that, it being such a busy week, I might not be able to get to this soon. But He let it be known this was important, and I should clear a few minutes of my calendar. OK, CEO God, you do always get your way, don't you?

CEO God: Good afternoon, Susan, glad you could make some time for me today. I know you are very busy but since I have so few conduits, it's important that they respond when I call. Every moment makes a difference these days, even if you humans have a difficult time seeing it. You've heard that trite statement, Nero fiddled while Rome burned, I'm sure. You get the point.

Susan: Sorry, CEO God, sometimes I just get so caught up in my day-to-day activities it gets hard to realize there's anything else going on.

CEO God: Oh, don't take my comments too hard. You are a good aspirant and your training is proceeding apace. But, I only have a few moments Myself so we must get to the grist of my appearance today.

I'll get straight to the point, please pass on the Word that the Vatican does not have a monopoly on saints. Actually, I would have to side with My Protestant followers on this one. Catholic saints,
who don't necessarily reflect any better behavior than anyone else,.are creations of the Church. Period. Long, long ago in the dark of time the Catholic Church announced itself the sole saint creator, which is rather a presumptuous power grab, don't you think?

Susan: Now that You mention it, yes. But saints have always been a part of my Catholic life so I never thought twice about it.

CEO God: Let me tell you, and I should know, you are all saints eventually--ALL of you. A few are disenfranchised for awhile, but that is none of your concern. What the Catholic Church calls saints are only those humans at a certain stage of their evolution. People on stages of evolution after their saintly round have lives that look very messy from the outside. But actually, these apparently beleaguered folks are on a higher turn of the spiral than the saints. If truth be told, We don't want anyone to join us who hasn't really lived it all. Besides that, the Church's stories of saintly life is rather anemic, particularly the celibate part. Please.

Susan: Well, I certainly get your point, CEO God. Makes me feel better in a way, because I am certainly not on the saint track in this life, far from it. So, what you are saying is this whole saint thing is kind of a set-up by the Church, where people have to keep going back to it for guidance on how to live a saintly life?

CEO God: That's exactly what I'm saying. And frankly, most Church personnel haven't a clue. Of course, here and there a bright bulb shines in that institution as elsewhere, but it does not have a monopoly on it. If you want to know the truth, I'm the only one with a monopoly on saint-making, a fact that shouldn't surprise anyone if he or she thought about it for more than a few seconds.

Susan: Hey, CEO God, you sound a bit peeved.

CEO God: You are surprised, I take it? Peeved is not really the right word for I left emotions behind millenia ago. Let's just say I'm speaking the truth with an abundance of energy. Speaking of energy, might I caution the humans in the Middle East to tone down their rhetoric. That magnitude 5 earthquake that hit Lebanon and Israel this week will not be the first of unusual physical happenings if these peoples do not finally learn to get along.

Susan (with a frown): You mean, You created that devastation to get their attention?

CEO God: No, my inquiring aspirant, you forget your studies. I don't bring on any of these manifestations; the people do that themselves with their errant emotions, which are nothing but very potent energy. If you recall, we went through some of that science on electromagnetism in an earlier interview, did we not?

Susan: Yes, yes, yes. Now I remember. Again, sorry, sometimes this information is just so new it takes a few passes before it sinks in. And, Your presence is also a bit overwhelming at times; so, my brain doesn't always function at 100%.

CEO God: No problem. We from the other side know that the new information finally sinks in at some point--and for you that is happening rapidly these days. By the way, you have a few readers who have been very conscientious in sending contributions to your blog. I would like to thank them personally since they make this format become more alive as a group effort. The pictures and poems you've been posting really capture the beauty of my creation, don't you think?

Susan: Yes, this whole blogging project has been an eye and heart opening experience. . . CEO God?

Gosh, that was too quick. CEO God did whisper in my ear on the way out that Mother Earth was awakening from a long sleep, and we should be prepared. While in the past our wanton spread of emotional energy went unchecked, it would no longer be the case. The earthquakes, hurricanes and the like are just a taste of what is to come until humanity learns its lessons in loving understanding and sharing. Again, it is of our own doing and is no reflection of CEO God. OK, OK, I'm starting to get it.

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