Monday, February 4, 2008

Behind the Veil of Peace

CEO God sent the following message yesterday. He was trying to get my attention but I must have been otherwise occupied. Darn. It's quite self-explanatory, and I couldn't paraphrase it any better; so, here you have it in it's entirety:
"I would like to remind you that the fact that you [meaning all of us] see the world picture as one of outstanding chaos, of striving ideologies and warring forces, of the persecution of minorities, of hatreds which are working out into. . .war, and of world anxiety and terror does not really mean that you are seeing the picture as it is in reality. You are seeing what is superficial, temporal, ephemeral and entirely concerned with the form aspect. [We, however, are] primarily concerned with the consciousness aspect and with the unfoldment of awareness, using form as a means only for the accomplishment of [Our] designs. A closer study of the forces which are producing the outer turmoil may serve to clarify your vision and restore confidence to [My] plan and its divine love and loveliness."
He reminds us that peace will be upon us when love and sharing prevail and is the result of right human relations, otherwise called love in action, rather than wishful thinking:
"The hope of the world lies in the development of good will--not peace as the word is usually interpreted, to mean merely an enforced freedom from war, and an expediently enforced pacifism, but the cultivation of a spirit of good will, intelligently applied, and worked out with purpose into the fabric of the individual and national life."
That got me to thinking: the fact that peace is a by-product of right human relations expressed as sharing and love in action rather than the origin of them is certainly a new thought worth pondering. Accepting that definition would necessarily give the word peacemaker a new meaning as well as shed light on the place of freedom fighters in the scheme of things. It might include Bill and Melinda Gates, discussed in this blog a few days back, who are revolutionizing the world of giving.

Or Martin Luther King who died for his peacemaking convictions. Or Al Gore, for bringing the ideas of a suffering planet to the masses. Or the scores of scientists trying to find methods of creating water in the desert for poverty stricken farmers. Peacemakers it would appear are now working in all nations and in all areas of human endeavor--not only in the political and religious areas as previously conjectured, but also in finance, art, science, and business.

So while marching on a street corner every Friday for peace might make a person feel warm and fuzzy inside, it might not be adding much to the right-human-relation quota required to change the world. An industrious businessman figuring out a way to get computers to Africa or an ingenious scientist calculating a way to capture the sun's energy might have a better claim. At least its worth pondering, if for no other reason than CEO God took the time to send it.

Of note: The first quote is from Destiny of the Nations, A. A. Bailey, pp. 11 - 12, while the second quote is from Esoteric Psychology II, A. A. Bailey, p. 733.

Weather Report Today: 30 degrees and snowing, bigger flakes than yesterday. Overcast obviously.

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