Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Time of Change

No one would argue that we are in a time of change. Most would also agree that this a a time of drastic, maybe even a time of accelerating change. Some would say "Yeah, but it is certainly not in the right direction. That group might call themselves realists; some might say pessimists.

While others, probably a minority, would say, "Hum, you know, it's always darkest before the dawn. But, the light is already starting to shine through in a place or two." This latter group, too, might call themselves realists; some might say optimists. Others might just call them dreamers, idealists or just plain stupid.

The challenge on this blog is to watch for change that tracks the second premise. It asks responders to put on an optimist's hat and send those stories, tidbits, anecdotes, dreams and quotes that tell an underlying story of the light that is emerging during the next decade. Given time, I feel certain that we will see a story unfold that may be starting in its simplicity--even though the happenings of the times might look otherwise.

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