Thursday, December 13, 2007

On Opinions and Observers

This is the third in an introductory series of comments. I cannot wait to get started on the real grist of the lighted changes I have noticed--a pile of articles has beaconed to me this past month. But first, some thoughts on opinions and observers--

It might be a revolutionary idea, but humanity as a whole might consider voicing less opinions. Fact is, we know very little about anything and, thus, our opinions are for the most part baseless. If one looks at science, for example, what we don't know far outweighs what we do. Did you know that scientists have yet to figure out what water is exactly and why it exhibits the properties it does? In the world of politics, the populace is kept in the dark about many international matters, particularly those having to do with security. An old friend who worked in this shadow world laughed at many of the newspaper articles he read. He stated unequivocally we knew little about what was really going on, most of it happening behind closed doors. What we read was sanitized and was in reality propaganda. Another friend in the world of finance reiterated the same tale. He often said a very few in the world made the real money in a realm most of us could not even comprehend.

Further, we are embedded in nationalistic popular culture to such an extent we know little else. Let's say we were a chocolate cake and because we knew the essence of cake-ness announced with authority, "I know what it is to be a yellow cake with white icing and sprinkles." The yellow cakes would laugh and pay us no mind. They would know that we of the chocolate genre might know about cake-ness in general, but would have little understanding of the essence of yellowness or buttery flavor or marzipan and what it's like to be cut at a wedding reception.

Thus, not only do we not know very much because our knowledge base is minuscule, but we are shielded from the real world for various reasons, some altruistic and some nefarious. Even more importantly, we cannot see the forest through the trees because we are the forest itself.

Recognizing these facts, maybe for the first time, what are we left with? Well, another approach is available--that of the observer who watches and is neither pro nor con on the happenings presenting themselves in the daily pageant before us. This is not an uninterested position, rather a very engaged one that can be more exciting than creating uninformed opinions based on the propaganda released. If they wish, observers have the freedom when contemplating an issue to make up stories both pro and con--after all, either one could be true and probably have been in the past Or, make up no story at all, simply watching with a truly open mind.

A new world is opened to an observer that quite possibly would have been missed otherwise. One outcome is certain, however. An observer is by definition more peaceful and calm because in the process of change required the heart is opened and compassion moves in. No longer does the head have complete authority and quite possibly a world citizen is born. In the blog that follows will be my observations of a lighted way that is evolving even though we may not see it on the surface. By energizing that path with our thoughts, a new world will open before us. That is guaranteed.

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