Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wings to Fly


~Padre Pio

Of Note: Without a doubt, somewhere in this scene from my garden lurks a mosquito. As a matter of fact, one was buzzing around my leg a moment ago but was quickly dispatched. Mosquitoes are considered the state bird of Wisconsin and have always been a summer plague because of all the lakes and swampland. Many of us know people who have been infected with West Nile virus following a mosquito bite. There is a legend that the biting beasts used to drive men crazy in the woods. Thus, we are empathetic with our brothers and sisters worldwide who battle the malaria mosquito, which carries the Plasmodium parasite. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, this nefarious parasite has been responsible for half of all human deaths since the Stone Age! Think of it, half the deaths of humans. The article went on to say that it has "shaped our trade and settlement patterns and demographics." To date, scientists and governments have been unable to eradicate the parasite because of its ability to change as we assault it with drugs. Bed nets are helpful but often go unused. A vaccine could possibly provide an answer. We humans believe that technology is the answer to all problems, but to date, a microscopic parasite and its host mosquito has not only kept us down but continues to shape who we are. That's quite humbling.

It is when we are confronted with poignant
reminders of mortality that we become
most aware of the strangeness and wonder
of our brief life here on Earth.
~Kathleen Basford

Today's Weather Report: Partly cloudy and in the 70's would describe the day so far. I will be mowing, again. With all the rain, this has been an every other day event--along with the fact that more space has been opened to mow. The effect is spectacular, but the additional work is not. The dogs have taken to wallowing in the garden ponds when they are hot after which they proceed to the house soaking wet. If the front door is open, they walk right in, making puddles along their route. If the front door is closed, they must lie on the porch until drying off. Most often the front door stands wide open. Thankfully, we have painted cement floors downstairs that can easily be cleaned.