Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tactica Adversa

Tactica Adversa is the tactical exhausting of the adverse. Precisely, when the Light Forces wish to fulfill some plan on Earth, They make allowances for all possibilities, envisioning even the worst circumstances, so that success can be guaranteed even under the worst conditions. Then every betterment of the condition is already an unexpected plus. Thus, from the worst is derived a benefit. When such tactics are applied, the enemies often contribute to the success.

Helena Roerich

Of Note: Marie took this somewhat unearthly picture at Old City Park in Dallas. Thanks!

Today's Weather Report: Gorgeous sunny day--going to be in the 60's. The first daffodils are THINKING about blooming. The rain yesterday should help persuade them to get moving. Everyone in northern Wisconsin is anxious for spring to start, and hopefully it will before summer gets here.

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